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The company "EUROMEBEL - 2007" Ltd. - VELINGRAD, is a manufacturer of a wide range of furniture from interior solid wood - pine and spruce. We are involved in manufacturing and commercial activities more than 25 years. Our own factory equipment is supplied with a very modern and advanced technology, which contributes to the production of high capacity in a relatively short time. The production includes a wide assortment from furniture for: home, hotels furnishing, bedrooms sets, children's rooms, kitchens, living rooms, restaurant and garden sets. The company producefurniture with individual design and size of the client from solid pine andspruce tree, MDF and chipboard.



Bulgaria, Velingrad 4600,

PHONE: +359 888 408 476; +359 886 591 664; Fax. +359 359  5 98 10  




Company "Euromebel 2007 " works with Italian colors and wood varnishes from the company "Milesi SPA". We use water colors "CFT", acetone color "CLT" thick paint "RAL K7 clasik". Colors are samples and images can be differences in shades. The actual colors can be specified in place of the color selection.

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